The End

It has been a wonderful semester and I am already looking forward to the Imaging class next semester! I also look forward to exploring the Adobe suite over the summer and putting more of what I learned this semester to use. I honestly don’t have much to say beyond that, I’m just excited to be a little less stressed out and a lot more well rested. It’s been a challenge of a semester, but it’s over as soon as I submit this link, and I’m excited.


Adding Widgets

So many useful widgets Widgets can provide a host of useful information and open up increased interaction opportunities to visitors of your site. I don’t have a lot of experience with widgets so this was a truly new set of information that I have gained. I will more than likely explore more of them later on, beyond the final project.

Creating A Header Image

Straight forward process. WordPress has done a good job of making the dashboard backend incredibly easy to navigate. That aside, we had access to a database of photographs in class so finding a nice quality image to use for a header was nice and easy and making the header in InDesign was practically a breeze. Coming towards the end! A few more additions and changes and everything will be in place.


Exploring Customization Options

The customization in WordPress is extensive. It’s to be expected of such a well known website but it was still a little overwhelming at first. I haven’t been too deep into the options before this class so I had to get acquainted with my options. So far I am happy with the present level of customization and will continue to explore at a later date. Level of difficulty: 4

Adding Categories

Learned about categories and further organization in WordPress. Does a great job of grouping reading material and visuals so, if necessary, they can be viewed as related content by visitors of the site. Anyone who visits should appreciate such a clean and simple categorization option.

Adding Links

Easy enough. This was a similar experience to adding links in Microsoft Word but a lot simpler. Adding images, links and PDFs has been a swift and clean process. No hold ups or confusion. Proceeding forward at a steady pace.