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The End

It has been a wonderful semester and I am already looking forward to the Imaging class next semester! I also look forward to exploring the Adobe suite over the summer and putting more of what I learned this semester to use. I honestly don’t have much to say beyond that, I’m just excited to be a little less stressed out and a lot more well rested. It’s been a challenge of a semester, but it’s over as soon as I submit this link, and I’m excited.


DigiComm Resource Link

I have recently placed a link to the University of Baltimore’s Digital Communications program home page. Anything you need to learn about the program and what it offers can be accessed through that page. So far, I am still learning a good deal through this major so if its something that interest you, give it a click!
DigiComm Homepage

Creating A Header Image

Straight forward process. WordPress has done a good job of making the dashboard backend incredibly easy to navigate. That aside, we had access to a database of photographs in class so finding a nice quality image to use for a header was nice and easy and making the header in InDesign was practically a breeze. Coming towards the end! A few more additions and changes and everything will be in place.


Learning WordPress vs Learning InDesign

Learning InDesign was a completely different and unfamiliar learning experience compared to WordPress. I have loosely worked with WordPress on an independent level the past couple of years. There are components in WordPress I was familiar with before we started the second half of the semester. InDesign, however, was a foray into uncharted territory, learning about a program I had no idea was apart of the Adobe Suite.  Both InDesign and WordPress will prove to be useful tools moving forward in Digital Communications and Graphic Design, but for me, InDesign commanded more of my creativity and I look forward to learning about the program after our final 211 class meeting.