Adding Images

Pretty straight forward. There was emphasis on maintaining space and formatting, which is proving to be consistent throughout the class. But again, nothing especially challenging or new for me on this one.


Learning WordPress vs Learning InDesign

Learning InDesign was a completely different and unfamiliar learning experience compared to WordPress. I have loosely worked with WordPress on an independent level the past couple of years. There are components in WordPress I was familiar with before we started the second half of the semester. InDesign, however, was a foray into uncharted territory, learning about a program I had no idea was apart of the Adobe Suite.  Both InDesign and WordPress will prove to be useful tools moving forward in Digital Communications and Graphic Design, but for me, InDesign commanded more of my creativity and I look forward to learning about the program after our final 211 class meeting.

Posts and Pages in WordPress

Prior experience with WordPress has made this process a refresher instead of a new introduction. I do have a better understanding for page attributes and organization within WordPress but overall, things are familiar and straight forward. I am looking forward to exploring slightly more advanced options and techniques in the coming weeks. Pages can have subpages, and they can be ordered using Page Attributes as well. An example of these parent and sub parent pages can be found under Class Projects in my site.

We learned some new WordPress terms as well exploring the differences between Posts and Pages and the front end versus the back end(Dashboard). I’m sure there will be new terms to follow.